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Pet Stores vs Direct Breeders...which is better?

Well, I really have no good answer for this one. If you read the many, many various sites on the Internet, watch the news, read the newspapers, etc., you will find that the majority of people recommend that you stay clear of any type of "pet stores" and only go with a certified breeder. However, of course, pet stores wouldn't continue selling puppies if there weren't people to buy them. To be honest, I purchased both my Bichon-Frise and my Bichon-Poo at a pet store called "Pet Depot" that is a couple of hours from where we live. I purchased the Bichon-Poo approximately 18 months prior to purchasing the Bichon-Frise and actually was so happy with her that that's why I went back. I did have a few problems with our Bichon-Frise after purchase though -- mainly worms and a yeast infection and in his ears -- but the manager/owner at Pet Depot was great about responding and reimbursing me for the bills. Both dogs had had their shots though and were seen by a veterinarian agency in the area of the store. In addition, the ACA papers that came with my Bichon-Frise list the local breeder who is reputable and who, as-a-matter-of-fact also was the same breeder for my Bichon-Poo. Under other circumstances, I probably would not recommend purchasing from a Pet Store.

I would certainly highly recommend speaking with management at the Pet Store, going to the Better Business Bureau, asking area vets, etc., about the reputation of the Pet Store, how long they've been in business, etc., and really do my research before entertaining purchasing from a pet store.

What about the Bichon Poo's temperament?

My Bichon-Poo's temperament is wonderful! She is probably the most lovey dog I've ever had or come in contact with. She is playful, she is sweet, she is smart, etc. I may be partial of course :-), but even my husband can't get over what a sweet little girl she is. She never gets mad, never bites, etc. She loves everyone.  In visiting a few other web sites, and talking with a handful of other Bichon-Poo owners, this seems to be the natural temperament with the Bichon-Poo.

What coat texture does a Bichon-Poo have?

The Bichon-Poo has a beautiful fur texture. It is very soft and usually is a bit curly due to the poodle mix. My Bichon-Poo's fur is beautiful, doesn't shed, and doesn't seem to mat quite as much as my Bichon-Frises'.

You or someone in your household has allergies?

Bichon's are among the very few dogs who are non-allergenic and don't shed. This seems to hold true with the Bichon-Frise also -- at least mine -- she doesn't shed and she doesn't bother my asthma or my allergies at all. I recently found this to be true of the breed when watching a "Designer Dog" show on one of the Discovery Channel's.

Are Bichon-Poo's considered a "Designer Dog"?

Yes,  the Bichon-Poo's are considered a "Designer Dog" and they have been featured on various web sites, television programs, etc. You will find that there are many designer dog mixes from Bichon-Poo's to Lhaso-Poo's to. Shelti-Poo's   Designer Dogs are the "in" thing right now. Please remember, however, that there isn't a lot of research on Poo mixes, their longevity, predisposition to certain conditions, etc. Please also keep in mind that you are purchasing a pet to love -- to introduce to your home -- to be a member of your family. The Bichon's -- both Poo's and Frises' -- are very sensitive and clingy and do mold into your family. Don't just purchase one if you are trying to keep up with the Jones' or if you are trying to keep with the "in" crowd. They need love and attention and a home where they feel loved and secure.

How large do the Bichon-Poo's get?

Bichon-Poo's can be on average anywhere from 10-20 pounds normally. A Bichon-Frise is on average between 10-18 pounds. As far as height, I really haven't found an average. I have seen some that are a bit taller like a poodle and some that are shorter like a Bichon-Frise. My Bichon-Poo is perhaps an inch taller than my Frise and she weighs about 13 1/2 pounds. My Frise weighs just 13 pounds. Normally, because of the small stature of the Frise, you won't find many Bichon-Poo's that are very tall but you just never know!

Is the Bichon-Poo a "Registered" breed?

No, unfortunately the Bichon-Poo is not a recognized breed. However, the Bichon-Poo does come from Registered parents. In my Bichon-Poo's case, her mother was a registered Poodle and her father was a registered Bichon-Frise.

Which organization is the Bichon-Frise associated with?

The Bichon-Frise is a member of the ACA  -- American Canine Association and the AKC -- American Kennel Club. I honestly don't know what the differences are in the two and one of these days I'm going to research that and find out, however, you can probably find out by going to both sites as well. You can visit their site here:  ACA   or    AKC

How much does the Bichon-Poo run?

The Bichon-Poo can run anywhere from an average of $ 350.00 to $950.00. I paid in the middle range for mine.

In comparison to the Bichon-Frise, are they more or less expensive?

The Bichon-Frise is more expensive because they are a purebred dog and are ACA or AKC registered. On average, I have seen a range from $699.00 to $1500.00 or more for a Bichon-Frise.